Wednesday, 4 May 2016

World Wednesday: Kleenex Boxes

I wonder who gets to design Kleenex boxes as their job?

Maybe it's because of the allergies that have plagued me half my life, requiring frequent trips for tissues, but I have often noticed the really beautiful designs that show up on the functional Kleenex box. Quirky patterns, rich colours, photographs that focus in on the detailed heart of a flower - so many different artistic displays on each new batch of boxes.

When pennies are tight I make do with trusty old toilet paper, but I do enjoy buying a few boxes of Kleenex to have around the house, and I honestly stand there for several minutes trying to decide which of the pretty designs I'm going to choose!

How delightful that such a mundane space can be turned into it's own miniature canvas and bring an unexpected beauty to corners of a room. :)

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