Wednesday, 3 August 2016

World Wednesday: Quinoa

Would anyone care to share their favourite quinoa recipe? My repertoire is too small.

Although I knew that this seed was a good gluten-free grain replacement, I had no idea what a protein powerhouse it was until my midwife recommended it during pregnancy. My body craves protein like water. It's what I miss the most if lacking in a meal.

And a little goes a long way, so quinoa is definitely worth taking advantage of! We buy ours from Costco, the organic Ancient Grains brand. 
But quinoa is sooooo bland and boring when cooked on its own. It needs a lot of flavour to back it up!

Our favourite (and pretty much only) quinoa dish is Mexican quinoa, basically a meatless chili. Beans, tomatoes, corn and quinoa all cooked together in a pan with lots of spices. Avocado can be a nice addition, although Ben doesn't like it. But he will happily eat Mexican quinoa as long as there is cheese on top!

I occasionally use quinoa to bolster up chicken soup as well, or mix a little with some veggie for the baby, but there ends my use of it.

I know Pinterest could yield hundreds of suggestions, but if anyone has a well known and loved recipe I would love to hear it and to benefit from your experience! :)