Thursday, 26 February 2015

Baby bunnies!

Our doe, Wanda, "kindled" on Saturday, so we now have four wriggly kits. We brought her inside, out of the -30 degree weather, so it was fascinating to watch; a rabbit about to give birth pulls huge wads of extra fur from under her neck to make a nest for her babies. Perfect fur-coat insulation.

Jumping ahead to 2015

Living in Corner House (on a tiny lake in Combermere), lots of laughs with my hilarious hubby Benedict, raising meat rabbits, trying to survive winter, and lots of energy going to growing the little baby tucked inside my belly.

How do only two people produce so many dirty dishes? Something to ponder...

Every season is an inextricably woven mixture of joy and suffering, in ours and all the lives around us. I'm not sure it's remotely possible to make sense of, but hopefully that's not the point. Accepting changes as they come, without ever letting go of hope, growth in wisdom, and doing our best, is our attempted outlook. And savouring the little things, of course.

Christmas archery