Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thoughtful Thursday: Security Continued

Hmm, I said I was going to continue with my thoughts on security, but life picked me up and ran away with me.

I'll just sum up in a few points what I had meant to say...

Why, to live a happy, fulfilled, truly Christian life, do I have to give up on security?

First reason: Futility! For one thing, I have no real control over any of it - it is unrealistic to think that I do. It's ok, and right, to plan responsibly, but not as if that will be the deciding factor for what happens next. Life is an adventure, and extremely unpredictable!

Second reason: Generosity! I have a constant desire to be generous and a constant struggle to carry it out. The world was made for us all, and in God's design, no one was to go cold or hungry. What I have is not truly my own, it's all been given to me to use in love, for myself AND for others. My faith is nothing without a willingness to give and share, especially with the poor. Hoarding is counterproductive to generosity.

Third reason: Freedom! Always thinking about security and calculating and stashing away leads one into a very narrow frame of mind. Life becomes a servant to material goods, rather than the other way around. It's a type of imprisonment, really. After all, who was more carefree, wealthy Prince John, or homeless Robin Hood?

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Wishful Thinking Story

It had been winter for too long.

Perrin didn't know the feel of warm sunshine or green grass. 

But Perrin's Mummy had an idea. 
She went to the cupboard and pulled out a bottle she had been saving.

The label read "Spring".

They took it out into the cold and poured one drop on the snow.

Up popped a dandelion!

"Oh good, it still works", said Mummy. 

They went back inside and packed a basket with all their favourite treats. Then, going to a patch of ground, Mummy began to sprinkle Spring all over!

And there in the warm sun and green grass, they had a picnic.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Seasonal Sunday: Dreaming of Summer...

Mmm. I needed that.

   In reality, it is mid-February and -34 degrees when I woke up this morning. The insides of all our windows have ice formations piled up at the bottom from frozen condensation. We didn't go to Mass cause the car wouldn't start. The rabbits have frost-coated whiskers. 

   It's also Valentine's Day, however, so there's a little extra cheer to warm the deepest winter. Ben got up early with the baby (who seems to have decided that sleep is optional to existence) and I had left little corny Star Wars valentines stuck about the house for him. "Yoda one for me" on his i-watch, "You R2 cute" on the shaving cream, and "Ewok my world" stuck to the steering wheel. Thanks Pinterest :D
   His kind acts of service to me today have been to fix the home button on my phone and do all the piles of dishes in the kitchen. What a dear man.
   We're also going to have our first baby-free date for supper, as my mom is coming over to babysit for a couple of hours. Hooray! Hopefully our car will start by then. 

   On the animal front, we are daily taking small bunnies out to Wanda for feeding and bringing them back inside to stay warm. We hadn't intended to breed this winter, but we accidentally left one of the boys from the last batch in with his mother too long. Oops :/ I am calling them Oedipus Rex bunnies.

    Fox went out on a chilly night, prayed for the moon to give him light, and we sadly have only one chicken left as a result. Hence I have had to start buying store eggs again. Boo hoo. 

    Peregrine is growing by leaps and bounds, and I am also very excited for warm weather to return so that I can bring him outside more. His interest in his surroundings is continually expanding. 

    We just need to wait it out. This too shall pass, and spring will come again! It always does :)

Monday, 8 February 2016

Mindful Monday: Ode to Mindful Motherhood


  Remember to smile - smile when 5 am brings unexpected baby chatter, soft hands pawing at my face, the first cup of tea sooner than planned.

    Remember to enjoy - enjoy the brand new sounds being discovered, the explorative "mum mum" which one day will mean me, the delight which flashes into his eyes when I answer back.

   Remember to laugh - laugh when a eruption of spit up drenches us once again. What's a bit more laundry compared to keeping our home joyful?

   Remember to focus - focus on now. Don't get lost in the never-neverlands of fear, selfishness or sticky virtual-webbiness. Open eyes - open heart! This is my life! This is real!

   Remember what I am thankful for - self-pity and resentment are my enemies (especially when it comes to sleep, or lack thereof!), gratitude is my friend. I am thankful for all the other lovely things which ease the tiredness: food and drink, cuddles, music, schedule flexibility. Thankful that it's my first child and I know I'm still just learning. Thankful for my supportive Ben and all his good cheer. Thankful that I get to be "working out my salvation" in the best way I can imagine.